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How To Reset MPG On Toyota Highlander?

Many modern cars, including the Toyota Highlander, have the convenient option of showing fuel economy information, like the MPG and distance to E, on the dashboard. Consequently, resetting the MPG takes a few simple steps.

The procedure may vary slightly between different manufacture years, but in general, there are two types of reset: with the “OK” button and the gauge cluster button.

Resetting The MPG On Toyota Highlander

✅ To reset the MPG on the Toyota Highlander, scroll using the up and down arrows on the steering wheel, and hold the “OK” button. The fuel economy value will then be measured from the reset onward. Ta-da!

✅ However, if your Highlander has instrument cluster buttons, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the reset knob on the bottom right side of your dashboard to open the settings menu.
  2. Once the menu is on your dashboard display, rotate the knob until the “Fuel reset” is highlighted.
  3. Make sure the chosen reset method is “Manually”.
  4. Press “Back” to return to the menu.
  5. Scroll to “Default” in the dashboard menu and press the knob to reset.
  6. Choose “Back” to exit the menu.

The fuel economy value should now be reset!

✅ If you have a new Toyota Highlander model, like the third-generation XU50 or fourth-generation XU70, you can reset the vehicle’s MPG via the Toyota App installed on the infotainment system.

To begin, simply navigate to the Toyota App ➜ Vehicle ➜ Trip Information ➜ History and then click Update. This will store your current MPG reading in the vehicle’s history, and start a new total measure of the fuel efficiency. You can also click the “Clear Data” option.

By selecting this option, the total MPG reading will be reset to zero, and the history of previous readings will also be cleared.

The Actual Gas Mileage On Your Toyota Highlander May Vary

Since the fuel economy values can be reset, and likely have been at some point, it may not reflect your current consumption. However, statistically, the further you drive, the more accurate the estimate gets.

On some newer Highland models, you’ll be able to see the current fuel economy on the dashboard, since the consumption can change rapidly in different driving conditions. For example, city driving usually tends to consume more than driving on a highway, because of slower speed and higher RPM.

Knowing that the consumption is only an estimate, the remaining distance, or “Distance to Empty” should also be taken with a grain of salt. The remaining distance is calculated based on your average consumption, therefore, if you’re in driving conditions that demand more fuel, you won’t be able to go as far as your display states.

In some cases, the remaining driving distance may not change if you added a small amount of fuel. If it’s displaying “Refuel”, that means your fuel levels are critically low, and the remaining distance cannot be calculated.